The EH-ND21 professional hair dryer has a compact design that makes it easy for you to handle and carry. Now you can use it anytime and anywhere. So whether you are at home or traveling, you can always keep your mane stylish. This Panasonic dryer is crafted with a turbo dry feature that makes it one of a kind. As you switch on your style, it will emit powerful yet gentle wind that will set your tresses getting you ready for the day. Now you can enjoy a faster and efficient hair drying regime.

Quick dry nozzle for speedy and healthy drying

Quick-dry nozzle emits alternating strong and weak air flows which separate hair strands to dry hair efficiently and rapidly. This unique blower mechanism dries hair from the roots to keep hair and scalp healthy and beautiful.

Selectable temperature / airflow settings

You can select from two hot and one cold settings according to your preference.

Foldable handle

The handle folds in for extra portability and easy storage and packing.

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Panasonic Hair Dryer কেনার আগে অসংখ্য শপ থেকে মুহূর্তেই সর্বনিন্ম বাজার মূল্য যাচাই করতে ক্লিক করুনঃ Panasonic Hair Dryer

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